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Mod Update

Howdy! It's Sabrina. I feel like a stranger around here. I know you haven't heard anything much from me or from yankeesdtr for quite awhile and for that we're both sorry. I felt I should do a little update and let everyone know what is going on.

It seems that computer problems (mine) combined with moving and a lack of an internet connection (yankeesdtr) makes it hard to post anything for you guys to read. I don't know how many of you are reading our joint story but I hope that when my co-mod gets an internet connection, we can post more of that. Also, both of us have My Chemical Romance stories that are in the works. Hers is a Gerard/Frank story and mine is a Frank/OFC story. When those are finished and polished (and she gets the internet back) I hope we'll get those posted.

While the mods have been slackers, I am happy to see that others are posting their stories and keeping this community somewhat alive. Thank you so much for that! Keep posting and look for stories from us soon.

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