"A fair number of fiction writers have been avid liars since childhood."-Unknown

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-About Us-

This community was created for the sole purpose of having somewhere to share rock music-related fiction. We will accept slash, het, angst, fluff, humor, deathfics, Simple Plan fics, My Chemical Romance fics, whathaveyou. (I think you get the idea.) Basically, if it’s about your favorite rock band, we’ll take it.

-A Few Guidelines-

I realize that with the lack of limitations on what you can write, the term “topic” seems a bit broad. So, here’s the deal. If the post’s not about a rock band, we really don’t want to read it. We also don’t want posts about the musicians’ personal lives or the vendettas you have against them. We will accept pictures and fanart, because, well, they’re fun to look at. If you feel the need to pimp your own community, make sure it has to do with a rock band and include the pimping in a post that includes one of the acceptable subjects (that is, stories, fanart, pictures).


Please put your stories/pictures/fanart under a LiveJournal cut. You can learn how to do it here. Posts that are not under a cut look sloppy and take up a lot of room. If your post is not cut, we will not post it.


In order to make your fics easier to find and read, please include the following format (Or something similar):

Dedications and Author’s Notes are acceptable (and encouraged).
**A note on Pairing: In this community, we’ve broadened the spectrum of pairings. Please include band name, and, if you’re using an original character, please put “Original Female Character” (OFC) or “Original Male Character” (OMC).
Also, if your fic is chaptered, please include links to previous chapters.


We’re all lovers of fiction here, so try to keep it civilized. Constructive criticism is fine (and encouraged), but any posts or comments that are outright malicious WILL BE DELETED. If you don’t like a pairing, band, author, view, etc. please do not rant about it here. Save it for places that have been created for these rants. fuckyou_mcr and workingxtitlex are perfect and fun examples of such places.


This is not an outrageous request. We promise. Most Word programs come with a spelling and grammar checker, and if yours doesn’t, find a beta. At this time, a beta list for this community is not available, but all of the communities under “We Love Them. You Should, Too!” have beta lists. As this community grows, as will our beta list.
Our moderator, yankeesdtr is more than willing to beta your fics. You can e-mail her at yankeesdtr86@earthlink.net. Please put “Beta Request” in your e-mail subject line and give her a few days to edit.

We have our first beta volunteer! Here is her information:
Name: Kaelen
Preferred Genre: Anything
Won't Do: Nothing
Strengths: Grammar and spelling
Weaknesses: Editing dialogue scenes...
Anything else that might be of relevance: Umm... Nothing I can think of...
Contact: kbennett@sasktel.net

I'm hoping to have a designated place to find the betas, but for now this will do. If you wish to be a beta, please leave your information in any of the mods' posts!


All of the stories included in this community are fiction. We are in no way related to the people written about. It’s all in good fun. Also, any views and opinions expressed in this community do not necessarily reflect the views of all of the members. Please don’t sue us.

-We Love Them. You Should, Too!-

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If you want us to put up a link to your community, let us know. We’d be happy to do it.


-Contact the Mods-

Feel free to use the moderator e-mail address (since_childhood_mods@yahoo.com) to inform us of problems, harassment, questions, etc. DO NOT SPAM US. We will block ALL of your e-mails if you do. Fair warning.

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